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19 Games in and I am at least somewhat impressed.

Posted on: April 22, 2008 4:24 pm

We have now played 19 games so far and for the most part I am impressed. I told virtually everyone I talked to about the Royals that I didn't expect a World Series this year, even though it would be nice. I am a realist. I believe that the Royals have taken steps in the right direction to become a better team and franchise. I want to stay in every ballgame and with the exception of two we have still been with in striking distance. I would like to hear people's thoughts good or bad about this season so far.


Go Royals go whip up on CC!!!!

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Posted on: May 3, 2008 11:32 pm

19 Games in and I am at least somewhat impressed.

I love the direction of the club, and I am excited about the pitching in the majors AND the minors for the Royals.  Dayton has stockpiled young arms in A-AAA and Luke Hochevar is quickly becoming a nice addition to the club.  I could care less about having a lefty in the starting rotation - when you have Greinke (he's really our ace), Meche (if he can get it going this year), Bannister and now Hochevar we have a good base to build a consistent winning team in Kansas City for the first time in many years.  I don't know if you can count 2003 because that year was kind of a fluke.  We still have holes that need to be filled like another quality outfielder, a first basemen with some pop and a shortstop that can hit AND play solid defense.  I like Hillman and his brand of baseball, and I think the bullpen can be a plus to the team again this year.  I have a feeling this club really has the chance to play .500 ball this year, and maybe crawl out of the cellar in the AL Central.  :)  Good Royals!  (BTW, my classes are over for the semester, so now I'm back to my normal positive attitude)

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Posted on: May 3, 2008 8:18 am

19 Games in and I am at least somewhat impressed.

ya i like your team this year!  its nice to c a young team on the rise.  Butler and gorden are mayberry and brett 20 yrs ago.  i like kc fans big fan of the franchise. anyway i think if kc can get better up the middle they will b a force in there division. hovechar is a stud and so is soria.  i wanted to know how a kc fan feels abt the meche and guillen contracts.  also i wanted to c what u thought abt losin a good clubhouse guy like sweeny.  also the manager from japan do u like him.  well, i think theres a chance u guys can make a push or at least over 500. no longer will teams look forward to kc for an ez series.  dejesus played hs baseball in my county in new jersey. he was good but his younger bro is amazing. now that hes back do u c him losin playing time 2 gathright.  let me know wat u think g luck.

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Posted on: April 23, 2008 1:20 am

19 Games in and I am at least somewhat impressed.

Well, tonight would be the third game that KC wasn't in striking distance.  It looked pretty rough tonight.  I've said it before, but I think a key for the Royals is getting a few wins out of the back of the rotation.  Bannister has been solid, Grienke has been good most of the time, and Meche is a much better pitcher than his outing tonight.  Everyone has their off nights.  Meche is off to a tough start this year, hopefully he can pitch like we know he is capable of.  The back of the rotation, however, has been consistently bad.  They've been hanging pitches, getting roughed up, and depleting the bullpen.  If the Royals want to take a crack at a .500 season, the back end of the rotation needs to post some wins.  Bannister can't throw a complete game every night.  The lack of offensive production puts a lot of added pressure on the rotation to be almost flawless.  15-run deficits are hard to overcome, but if you're down 3-2, perhaps the young talented hitters can come up with something.  That takes timely hitting, but I'll spare you the extra paragraph (we all know how KC has been in that dept. so far this year).  Here's to KC shaking off the 5-game skid.  It's more fun around town when the Royals are winning.

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