Posted on: April 22, 2008 4:24 pm

19 Games in and I am at least somewhat impressed.

We have now played 19 games so far and for the most part I am impressed. I told virtually everyone I talked to about the Royals that I didn't expect a World Series this year, even though it would be nice. I am a realist. I believe that the Royals have taken steps in the right direction to become a better team and franchise. I want to stay in every ballgame and with the exception of two we have still been with in striking distance. I would like to hear people's thoughts good or bad about this season so far.


Go Royals go whip up on CC!!!!

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Posted on: March 12, 2008 4:32 pm

Sunday's game against the Cubbies

Now I have heard a lot of media people in the city talking about how bad the Royals played and how we look awful, and it occurs to me that these same media get paid to not fully evaluate the game. Now this was the first game I have seen but, I DVR'ed it and watched it that evening, I had already heard the score so I knew we got smacked, so I was not sitting waiting for us to do something I already knew it didn't happen. So, with that said I sat down and evaluated each and every pitch from both sides of the plate, also evaluated defensively what went wrong. I am aware that this is Spring Training, however, The sun tore up both sides pretty badly, secondly Grudz commiting two errors is uncommon, so I chalk that up to a bad day. With that said, and yes the errors extended the Cubs big inning. Tomko pitched well, not great but, well. His box scores look bad, but the pitches he was beat on most of them were down in the strikezone throwing to the target. He also, threw a ton of first strike pitches, getting hitters in the hole early. Now the blame can simply be blamed on Buck or Tomko for getting beat or maybe we should give credit partially to the Cubs hitters who, if you saw the game the hits against Tomko for the most part were just loopers into the outfield with the exception of I believe it was two solid rips for doubles. The rest of the pitching was spotty and Yabuta(sp?) should be released, he has no vilocity, his stuff was awful, and left the majority of pitches up in the strikezone. As far as the hitting, we were off just a little in every swing with the exception of Buck's shot in the gap. Teahen is a blazer, the kid can run, but Sending him (yes it is spring I know) was a mistake. Silverio is a joke as a Coach and should be released. Now, comes the disappointing news. Gordon right now (not just that game but, including last year) Can't hit a Curve or Offspeed pitch on the outside corner of the plate. He pulls off too much, and looks silly. He needs to have someone hit behind him that will force the pitchers to throw him fastballs, or he needs to have Grienke throw him pitches in batting practice. So with that said, I am still optimstic about the season and was not as disappointed as the box scores showed.

Going forward, what I think needs to happen for the Royals.

We need to find a way to trade for Daryl Ward. I know the Cubs love him, but he is not going to be a starter. He could be a starter for the Royals at First or as DH. Depending on what we do with Butler. If Butler plays first the Ward DH's giving Gload the position he was signed for backup. If Ward Plays first then Butler DH's. This make Shealy and Huber expandable.

DeJesus needs to learn to steal. Gathright needs to play awsome the first couple of weeks of the season so we can trade him to the Mariners for Ibanez who we shoud not have given up.

We need to find an arm for the bullpen. Something similar to Grienke young with a ton of control and a ton of speed.

Let me know what you people think!

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Posted on: February 4, 2008 3:39 pm

I am hating White Sox Fans!!!!

Ok I first want to start off by saying that I only rant when something or someone really annoys me!!!! For the last week or so I have buried myself deep into a thread with Whitesox fans. The thread is intitled Take a Real Look at the 2008 White Sox. So I did. The original poster was of course giving best case scenarios. I being a realist was telling how I felt. Well I seemed to have pushed some buttons, and have made some Sox fans mad. Good, they deserve it after a couple of their drunken idiots climbed down on the field and attacked our coach, they deserve it because simply the annoy the crud out of me. I am trying to keep this PG in case any children should read it or on the off chance I don't want it removed. I want this year to be the year that we go out to every White Sox v Royals game and fill the stands and make them go home crying. This is an easy target to pluck off. We need to move up in the division and this my friends is the first team I want to bury.
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Posted on: January 29, 2008 11:43 am

What has been your favorite Royal Moment?

Ok, I know this will bring responses of the 1985 World Series, but I was looking for a little something different. To look to the future we must look at the past. I want to see what people's favorite Royal moment was. Anything like your first game, your favorite play, etc.

Mine was actually last year my step-son was 5 years old last year. I took him to his first game. It was early in the season, on a nasty T-Shirt Tuesday evening, It was cold and raining well more of a steady drizzle. We were sitting in Right Field and he was amazed at all the cool stuff at the park, the fountains, the ballpark in the outfield, etc. The same sorts of things I remember when I was a kid. We had gone down to the fence line between innings watching Reggie Sanders and DeJesus play catch, when I yelled to Reggie and pointed to my Step-Son. Reggie finished his tosses and turned and pointed to my Step-Son and threw the ball my direction since I had my glove. As I was trying to catch the ball two teenage boys tried to tackle myself and my Step-son in order to get the ball I fended them off to get the ball for him, he was so excited he was jumping up and down and showing everyone that was left in the crowd. I know sounds kinda cheesy but, he didn't let go of that ball even when he slept for almost two weeks. He was so excited that he sat threw the cold and rain and loved every minute of the game. Especially the Hot Chocolate. Since then he has gotten 15 baseballs. I was 17 when I got my first ball. I will never forget the look on his face when he got that ball. Since then he asks about going to the game a couple times a week. I think I am raising a lifer here.

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Posted on: January 23, 2008 12:02 pm
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This Year Let's fill the stadium!!!

I have a goal for this year for all Royals Fans. I know that most of us are working class and may not be able to afford Season Tickets, however a single game isn't too bad. Let's get out there, expose our kids to a team that has a tons of potential, and bring back the Royal pride back to this city!!!


MLB Royals


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Posted on: January 22, 2008 12:27 pm

Offseason Moves

I would like to know what people think has been the best move the Royals have made so far in the Dayton Moore Era? This could include moves he made to release or cut players, Signings or Trades, or personnel moves.

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